Author's note: Do NOT ask. I drew a picture of a mother Dragonair defending her baby from a hungry Tentacruel, and this came out of it. I realize this isn't quite the norm, but variety is the spice of life. Please, comment! Please please pleaaase! < gets down on knees and begs > Kudasaaaaai! And please, no flames. They'll be eaten by Kitsune here < gestures to a Ninetales >.

Dragons and Jellyfish
by Alyssa

Two long blue swimming shapes ahead of me in the wet wet water. Not fish not tadpole not turtle not seahorse not seal not clam not crab not duck not star not funnypink thing not Tentacool. Not water-type? Only water-type live in wet wet water. No, wait! Dragons! Pretty mother dragon with young young baby just learned to swim. Looking for food? I am looking for food too. Young young baby might taste nice, yes. Eat young young baby.

Mother-mother dragon sees me coming and shrills a battle cry, young young baby swims away. No! Young young baby is my dinner. I will fight mother-mother dragon for young young baby. I try to sting her with my poison arms, but agile mother-mother dragon dodges. Pretty pretty mother, so graceful in the water. Too bad I have to kill you. I'll eat you and young young baby, yes.

Mother-mother dragon opens her mouth and spits hothot fire at me. Fire fire under wet wet water? How? Mother-mother dragon spits fire fire again. Fight back, yes. Fight back or die. My long poison arms wrap around her, restraining her. Mother-mother dragon can't fight. Good, good, other Tentacruel will call me dragonkiller. I will be respected, and have a meal. Good.

Mother-mother dragon breaks loose of my poison arms and her blue throatpearl shimmer-glows. I'm hit with a burning beam, hurt hurt hurt. She jabs me with sharp sharp horn and I know I'm dead. Pretty mother, will my body be nourishment for young young baby? Strange. Hunter eaten by his prey. I hope you're smarter than that, pretty mother-mother dragon, my venom would be toxic to young young baby.

Deep dark blackness wraps around me and it is the last thing I know...


Cruel cruel jellyfish closes its eyes and goes limp, red red blood clouding the wet wet water. I sigh, relieved. My sweet sweet child is saved. I am tired, but time will heal. Sweet sweet child swims up to me and squeaks at me. I smile and comfort him. Cruel cruel jellyfish is gone, sweet sweet child. You are safe now. My sweet sweet child chirrups happily and swims circles around me. Yes, sweet sweet child. You'll grow big and strong in time. Big and strong, with no cruel cruel jellyfish to eat your young. Proud proud dragons we are.


A single human, sitting on the shore and reflecting, noticed the water starting to turn blood red. Soon after, the tide washed up a beaten and very dead Tentacruel. Shuddering, the person walked away, unaware of what had occurred under the water's surface.



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